Sunday, April 5, 2009

HWCMalaysia: Big Passion for Small Cars

I found out about Hot Wheels Cars Malaysia (HWCM) Club from The Star on Friday and was surprised that there is such a club with more than 160 members. When I join today, I guess I am member number 180+.

I always have passions on cars, even before I got my driving license. However, coming from a not so well-off family I can’t afford a real car when I was young. My interest of collecting small cars started when my father bought Shell Helix motor oil which comes with free Maisto die cast car. One of the models that I like most is Dodge Viper RT/10 which I still have it today.

I personally started collecting more small cars when Shell introduced the Ferraris in 2007 which so happen to be models from Hot Wheels. That year I bought more than 2 sets of the Ferraris which I sold off one set a year later when Shell introduced the 2008 collection. I still have 2 sets of the 2008 collection and will try to sell of one set soon. I also have two sets of the James Bond’s car which was introduced during the showing of Quantum of Solace. I could vividly remember that during the 2 years when Shell introduced their collections, I would be very hardworking driving my CLK around just to finish off the petrol so that I could pump in some more in order to buy the cars again. Just a note, my CLK is not from MB ~ Mercedes Benz but from P2 ~ Perodua. So, you know hard I have to work as my CLK (Cute Little Kancil) does not consume so much petrol. And when I buy one, I can feel the sense of satisfaction and achievement when holding them in my hand.

Anyway, I am quite slow in this year’s collection as I am out of job for a couple of months now but I am determined to complete my 2009 collection. I don’t have a lot of collections but from the less than 40 cars I have (not including duplicates), mostly comes from promotions. I feel cars from promotions like from Shell are really limited editions as you cannot just buy them from the store.

To all the enthusiast, I highly recomend them to join a club like HWCMalaysia.

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